To access the Poplar API you'll need to use either a Test or Production Access Token. These can be found and generated on the API page of your account:

Never give your Access Token to a third party

Your Access Token can give access to your private Poplar data and should be treated like a password. If you believe your Access Token has been compromised then it can be Revoked.

How to use your Access Token

To use your Token, simply provide it as part of the authorization header when you make a request. Tokens use the bearer authorization header when you make a request.

curl \ 
-s \ 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <access token>' \
-H 'Accept: application/json'

If you are using any of our client SDK's then this process is automated during initialization. This means that you do not need to specify this header explicitly.


When creating a new access token, you have the option to create a production or test access token.

Test access tokens are intended to support the testing of API integrations and can be identified by the test prefix. When using a test token, mailings will be generated in your account however they will not be mailed.

From your campaigns History tab, you can easily filter between test and production mailings:

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